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Recently I got a SNES console to use for parts. I wanted S-Video and modifying my Snes Jr was not an option. Once I got it to work using parts from another console (which I got from my good buddy Eleazar) I began fiddling with my Super UFO Pro 8. Besides being able to play the majority (excluding special chips) of roms from SD Card, there are other cool things can be done with it (I’m sure after these years I just began scratching the surface). One of those cool things is downloading and uploading sram saves to and from real carts.

In general, the process is:

  • Prepare the emulator sram files using ucon64. The resulting files should be 128kb (1 MBit) in size.
  • Copy the srm files to the SD Card (use extension srm)
  • Fire up the Super UFO.
  • Go to Backup (third icon)
  • SDC to UFO (that will copy the sram file to the Super UFO sram)
  • UFO to Cart (that will copy the Super UFO sram into the real Cart)

Problem is sometimes the sram doesn’t detected (Yoshi’s Island for exmaple). In that is the case, just go to utilities (fifth icon), Check Cart and manually turn on the SRAM. If you don’t know which parameters to use for your cart, you can check them at Yoshi’s Island sram size is 256kbit for example.

In some cases, no matter if your cart is in great shape, the SuperUFO will just plain refuse to detect there is a cart at all. I still haven’t figured if there is a solution.

If you want to hook it up to a PC, you’ll have to disable driver signature enforce before installing the driver. Using the included software you can load a rom from your PC directly into DRAM. Kinda cumbersome a vestige of the good ol days I guess. Just load your roms from the SD card.