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It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything here (nah, really?). 

The retro gaming PC is a project I’ve been working for sometime since last year when I recovered an old PC I assembled back in 02. The current system specs are:

– Mobo: ECS K7SEM
– CPU: (integrated) AMD Duron 1300 (about 1 ghz)
– Ram: 512 MB PC133 (Kingston and Markvision)
– Sound Card: SB Audigy Digital Studio (LA Edition) 
– Capture Card: Avermedia AverTV
– 2 x 40 GB IDE HDD (Seagate and Maxtor)
– Gravis gamepad pro
– Windows 98 SE

I’ve tried the following games with satisfactory results (I mean, why they wouldn’t work?):

– Fifa 98 (sometimes sounds bad, I don’t know why)
– 4×4 Evo
– Monster Truck Madness 1 and 2
– Midtown Madness 1 and 2
– Need for Sped 2 SE
– Chesmaster 8000
– Roadrash
– Sonic 3D (I have to run it from a physical CD to get music)
– Sonic CD (still have to switch to 256 colors, also a physical CD is required for music))
Some of this games work on Windows 7, however, since I no longer run it at home (all migrated to Ubuntu) this PC is the way to go.

After finding some software discs and hardware I expanded the scope of this system beyond gaming. Some productivity (and not so much) stuff I added:

– Canon LPT1 scanner and software (works lke day one)
– Office 97 (ust the way I remeber it)
– Cool edit Pro (awesome audio editor)
– MS Plus (collection of themes and games)
– IMGBurn (the latest version works!)
– Daemon tools (older version which works on Win98)

The only thing that this PC is no good at is the internet. Most sites won’t load correctly with the version of Firefox I installed, forget about IE6.