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Back in October I ordered a refurbished Nook Color from the B&N website. I used their “free shipping” option. 

Their free shipping option uses UPS Surepost, (I didn’t know at the time) what that means is UPS will deliver the package at your local post office and the US Postal Service will take care of the delivery.

Everything seemed to go fine until the package was supposedly delivered to my “local” post office. UPS also provided with a USPS tracking number on their tracking page. 

The USPS website only stated “Electronic shipping info received” which officially means a shipping label was created. No cause to concern at that point since sometimes the post office can be lazy updating the electronic status.

While Hammond is not my local post office it is only 20 miles from where I live so the package shouldn’t take more than a day or possibly two to arrive. Five days after, no sign of the package, and no change on shipping status, so I contacted UPS. As expected they asked me to contact the Post Office in Hammond. The post office tells me they didn’t receive a package from UPS.

At that point I decided to contact B&N explaining the situation. They’re answer was they cannot refund my order if don’t return the product, which obviously I couldn’t do because UPS screwed up the shipping in first place. After about six emails and two weeks with customer service (if you can call it customer service) it was pretty obvious they were unwilling to help. 

I had to contact my bank and place a charge back to get my money back.

If you want to get a Nook Color (which is a decent tablet once you root it) you’re better off buying it from Amazon, Ebay or Best Buy.