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I finally removed the center console from my 2013 Versa sedan in order to do some work.

The service manual instructions are misleading, you should first remove the piece below the AC controls then you can remove the center console.

I couldn’t find the shifter bulb, and I didn’t remove the ipod harness (too much trouble untangling everything).

Using screws I properly fitted a center console compartment. Previously I was using a piece of cloth to keep it in place.

I fitted a usb port in a similar fashion as the newer models. I added an inverter with extra USB port. I’m thinking of adding a videogame console later on.

It may not look like a lot but it was a good learning experience. Now I don’t have to reach all the way to the back to remove a usb drive and the center box is now securely attached and folks can use it as armrest.

Here are some pics in no particular order: