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On my Slim PS2 everything works but PS1 games loaded via PSXLauncher (my imports for example). As I don’t have a PS1 at the moment, using component with my PS2 will be a no go for me. The issue with PSXLauncher and using a component cable is that the colors are wrong and the image is too bright, it looks horrible.
The other thing is, unlike with the Xbox, I didn’t notice much improvement over composite, so I’ll just keep using composite.
This may be useful for some. I just found out how to make my original Xbox work with the component cable and my Toshiba CRT. The problem I had was, after the boot up sequence which displayed fine, I’d get diagonal video at the EvoX dashboard. That was because the XBox was throwing 480p video to a TV that only takes 480i.
It was as simple as launching the MS dashboard (my first option in EvoX) and going to the video settings. Just tell the Xbox you don’t have a 480p or 720p capable display. The MS Dashboard displays video in 480i to keep thing compatible. After resetting the Xbox, Evox and everything else worked just fine. The 480p/720p/1080i options don’t show up in settings unless the component cable is hooked up.
A huge improvement in video quality over composite. From what I’ve read if you’re already using S-Video on a CRT you won’t notice much improvement if you go the component route.