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They say time flies when you’re having fun but this is crazy. Can’t believe it has been this long. Seems like yesterday when I was enjoying what would be my favorite Sega Genesis game.

Words cannot represent the enjoyment and excitement I felt when I first popped in the cartridge and began playing. As the Tails fan I became with Sonic 2, I had to play as him since the beginning.

Many things to love about this fantastic epic, the first one is being able to save your progress with no shortage of save slots. Not only you can continue on the last zone you left, but can replay previously completed zones. Music compositions are a delight, really capture the each zone’s atmosphere.

Playability just kept getting better with new movements and powerups. This is the first time Tails had the ability to fly and swim.

It really felt like a big adventure in a big world and at the time I didn’t know that just “half” of it.