All posts for the month December, 2013

December 7th was when I got me a WiiU plus a handful of games. However, it wasn’t until last night when I hooked up the system. 

Having the Wii I knew it wasn’t going to be a breeze to hook it up but at the same time it wasn’t rocket science etiher.

One of the first things I dind’t like is the glossy finish on the main unit, it is big finger print collector. I had to clean it when I decied where to put it (on top of the X360).

I like the fact, every single basic cable is included (namely the HDMI cable). I already had Wii remotes laying around, although I ultimately decided to get a candy orange control which will be dedicated to the WiiU.

After I hooked up everything, I had to remove the Wii U gamepad form the craddle and hook it up directly to the AC adapter since it was completely dry. The first thing I had to do was to sync up the Wii U tablet, after syncing the controller I set up the WiFi connection, the TV remote (very easy to pair with my Samsung TV and my Dish receiver) and then the dreaded update. It took like an hour or so, I don’t since I abandoned the console and went to the living room to watch the soccer final (León Campeón yay!!!).

After the update finished, my controller was also fully charged. I hooked up the craddle the way it is supossed to be. I spent some time creating a Mii and a Nintendo Network account, and then finally I went on to play some Super Mario 3D World. I played a couple levels (I love what I’m seeing).

Also, I popped in Ducktales remastered. Some people may feel anoyed by the cutscenes, in my opinion, I like them. I like how they created a backstory and how the story develops during the game, it feels almost like watching a Ducktales episode. I just played the Transyvania level.

Al the time I played using the tablet and it felt comfortable, perhaps a bit bulky at times but comfortable overall. Next session I’ll give the wii remote + classic controller pro a try. 

That’s all I have for now. Until next time…