All posts for the month March, 2010

The wait is finally over. After about six weeks, the games I ordered from arrived. They are awesome !!! They look and feel like any regular NES game cartridge. They were well worth the wait.

The games I ordered are the original Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Famicom Disk System (I won’t go into details) and Megaman Ultra which is an excellent hack of Megaman 2, (feels a lot more like a fresh new game).

Great job Phil, your dedication is well noticed in these reproductions. Keep up the good work man.

Imation, (yes, the company behind optical media) now is in the generic toner cartridge business. They are currently selling generic carts for HP (pretty much all models), Canon and Brother. I must confess I’m a bit skeptic with re manufactured cartridges (specially with ink ones). However, with a company like Imation, I’m curious to see if these can match the quality of their other product lines.

For now, I ordered a trial cartridge for a HP 4345 mfp, if everything goes well my company may be able to save about $160 per cartrdige.

I’ll let you know how things went.