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A few days ago I saw a listing for a broken XEGS console. I was interested in just the shell (I had a spare working motherboard laying around). I thought this would make for a quick restoration project so for the rough equivalent of $14 USD I got this:

It was filthy with capital F. I set the mobo apart and washed everything with a brush and laundry detergent, dried it with a towel then let it sit in the sun for a few mins.

I still wasn’t too happy with it, it was a bright sunny day so I just decided to spray paint it. My options were Red, white, orange or gold. Here’s the result:

As per the supposedly broken motherboard, I cleaned it up with compressed air then tested it. It worked fine with the internal Missile Command and a Pole Position cart so I decided to go with it.

Here’s the end result:

(at least using composite connections) Everything works like a dream. This will be my go to console for cartridge based gaming. 

For any Atari 8 bit owner I strongly recommend getting the Atarimax cartridge, that thing kicks butt even if you use it only for gaming. Every game on .xex format is available at