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This is just my opinion. For the record, like many, I’m a huge Metallica fan, they’re my favorite band of all time. However, I don’t intend to allow that to blind my judgment.

Refreshing? yes, Energetic?, yes Fun to listen, off course. Is it better than the first S&M? No.

Not a bad album by any means, just not as awesome as the first S&M.

Some of the issues, again, IMHO

  • The mix leaves a lot to be desired. Sometimes you can barely hear the Orchestra, sometimes it is the other way around, other times it is kinda messy. I just don’t get the same vibe and harmony from the first one.
  • For those repeated songs, the arrangements are not as awesome as the ones from 20 years ago, in some cases they feel as a downgrade.
  • While there are classics that should always be at any Metallica presentation, some are not so classic and could have been left out in favor of old school greats.

It was to be expected they included some of the newer material, and I enjoyed listening to some of them like the “Day that never comes” (my favorite from Death Magnetic) and “Moth into flame”.

I loved the interpretation of “The Unforgiven III” , it was really full of feeling.

The best moment of the night was the tribute to Cliff.

In conclusion, it is worth getting it for Metallica fans, youre getting some new stuff, it is a good listen, just not as polished as the first S&M.