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These days a lot more people buy stuff just because they can. Even with the recent recessions consumerism seems to be at its highest.

What happened with Wii on the past gen is understandable. It was the toy to have. The trend was over and these toys ended up collecting dust, without consuming content.

PS4 is a promising platform, but it’s not the time to go get one. No at it’s current price point, nor with its current (exclusive) catalog.

As per the other functions, these can be done with other devices, including the (almighty) PC.

Just recently I got me a PS3. With the exclusives released so far there is fun to be had for a while.

Heck, the PS2 has a lot (and I mean a lot) of gems waiting to be discovered.

Yesterday I did the unthinkable. I got a PS3 game. Don’t take me wrong, I have nothing against the Playstation brand, I have a PS2 and I love playing PS1 and PS2 games.

Back in 06 I decided to go with the X360 because of the great experience I had with the original Xbox and also because of availability. Down the road I didn’t decide on a PS3 mainly because most games were available on both platforms.

Well, reason I decided to get this particular PS3 game (2014 World Cup) was because I couldn’t find it for X360.

Also, at this point in time (2014) there are a number of PS3 exclusives I’m interested in playing:

– Gran Turismo 5
– Gran Turismo 6
– Initial D
– Los juegos de Saint Seiya
– Playstation Battle Royale (o como se llame el clon del Smash Bros)
– Metal Gear Solid 4 (igual convendria conseguir la legacy collection)
– Ridge Racer 7
– Little big planet
– Twisted metal
– Motostorm

To name a few. Through history PS3 consoles don’t seem to fail as much as the X360, so I’m not sure what model to get. PS2 backwards compatiblity is not an issue since I have a PS2. I guess as long as it is close to a 100 bucks it’ll be fine.