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Atari 8-bit power supplies

I rather be redundant and list one more time the different kinds of Atari 8 bit computer power supplies:

C061982 ‘The White Brick’ (Upper left) 1.5A very reliable, rare
C061982 ‘The Black Brick’ (Lower Left) 1.5A very reliable, rare
C061982 ‘The Ingot’ (Center Top) 1.5A (POOP)
C061982 ‘The Box’ (Top Right) 1.5A very reliable
C70042-011 ‘The Mini’ (the one on top of the Black Brick) 1A shipped with most XEGS systems (POOP)
C70042-01 ‘The Logo’ (Bottom Right) 1A very reliable

When the poopie ones fail, they’ll take ICs with them. AVOID them at all costs. The only usable part on those would be the 7 pin connector.

A modern regulated 5V 1A+ power supply can be converted for use on an Atari computer but I’ll discuss that on another post.